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Donation and Sponsorship

Donation and sponsoring, why ?

Engaging with the Saint-Cyr Foundation means sharing its values; Interacting with individuals, entrepreneurs, military personnel, and researchers; discovering what the civilian and military worlds can bring to the table, and participating in and reinforcing that momentum. In this way, you allow each person to enrich themselves culturally and socially and to contribute to the development of research on current topics that tackle tomorrow’s issues.

The support of donors and sponsors is essential for the Foundation to carry out its various projects such as scientific research, continuing education and support for student activities.
Recognized as a public utility, the Foundation can receive donations from businesses and individuals.
The projects, prestigious events and sporting and humanitarian challenges, are managed autonomously by the Saint-Cyr officer candidates (élèves-officiers) and officiers-élèves. They are thus in charge of the promotion and the project realization is dependent on the donations that the donors and partners may grant. Students can propose different solutions in terms of exposure for their sponsors (logo on equipment, distribution of brochures, etc.) according to the amount allocated.

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