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Inaugurated in July of 2012, the Chair of Jean Monnet "European Defense and Security" and the Center of Research of the Écoles de Coëtquidan of the same name, aims to promote knowledge of European issues through education and research programs on the history of Europe, European institutions and defense issues in Europe, in particular through a program focusing on the continental issues of European borders and territories. It includes aspects of foreign policy, the practices of the military and the cooperation of European defense and embraces an approach that traverses cultures.

Outside of the Écoles de Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan, the Chairholder, Frédéric Dessberg, is a lecturer in contemporary history in Paris 1.

Activities in 2014

3-4 April 2014: "Les militaires français et l’Europe médiane (XIXe-XXe siècles) : transmission des connaissances, des perceptions, des expériences" ("The French military and middle Europe (nineteenth-twentieth centuries): transmission of knowledge, perceptions and experiences") organized by the University of Paris I, UMR Irice, Labex EHNE, CREC, and the GDR connaissance de l’Europe médiane.
14-15 May 2014: "La Grande Guerre des Bretons : vécu(s), expérience(s), mémoire(s) (1914-2014)" ("The Great War of the Bretons: lives, experiences, recollections (1914-2014)") organized by CERHIO and CREC.
12-13 June 2014: "Europe(s) et sécurité collective" ("Europe(s) and collective security") organized by the CREC and the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence in Rennes.


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